About Trans Beauty Clinic

What We’re Doing

TBCBeauty Experts donating their services to the transgender community

We are professionals with a passion for specifically helping the transgender community, voluntarily, with their beauty and grooming needs.

We do outreach in many ways:

• Frequently Asked Questions on our website

• Pick an expert on our website and they will answer your individual question via

 • Request a Trans Beauty Clinic team of experts to visit your local shelter,
   community center or non-profit.

***In New York metropolitan area only.

TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC was founded on October 13th, 2015 by BIRGITTE PHILIPPIDES along with co-founders TODD HARRIS and ATHENA MONTAGUE. The mission of TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC is to help the transgender community empower themselves through hair, makeup and grooming.

This is accomplished through workshops/clinics, and their website (FAQ’s and individual questions are answered, demo videos and before and after pics are shown, and resource list.)

TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC'S goal is to serve the trans community on a national level providing beauty professional volunteers from various parts of the country who can be trained to serve their particular community.

The TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC is open to all transgender women and men. Celebrity hair and makeup artists, BIRGITTE, TODD and ATHENA offer monthly clinics. 

In addition, The TBC team also travels to other locations for TRANS BEAUTY CLINICS when possible. The beauty clinics are usually about 2-3 hours in length. During the clinic, the TBC team answer beauty/grooming questions, as well as give hair, makeup and grooming demos to attendees.

If you are a beauty or grooming expert who is passionate about helping the trans community, then please reach out to TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC here on Facebook. We would be happy to discuss how you can partner up with us to help more trans women and men get access to professional beauty/grooming advice. 

We are also looking for potential cosmetic sponsorships as well as trans organization partnerships. If you are a cosmetics company and would like to donate cosmetics/grooming equipment for a particular upcoming TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC then please reach out to us on Facebook. Many of our attendees can not afford hair, makeup and grooming supplies so any help with direct cosmetics/grooming supplies donations at the clinics would be greatly appreciated. 

If you are a trans organization who would like to have a TRANS BEAUTY CLINIC event at your location, then please reach out to us on Facebook.